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Here is some of the work I did for fashion retailers.

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Here is a quick selection of work I have done in the past for clients like: Hijab Sensation, Feels So Vintage and Kiemé and Daim.

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Work Process

"My creativity and no-nonsense approach guarantee your images look stunning and your story is told.”



We start off with a free of charge intake. Here we determine the general Look and Feel of the production. Like for instance a studio- or location production. How many models and who’s is arranging for them? What other team members do we need like a wardrobe stylist, hairstylist and make-up professional? And most imported: “What do you think we have created after the shoot is all done?”


Plan, Prep and Style

Now we know what we want to create, we need a plan. In a small production sheet I write down what we discussed in the intake. We find the right team to pull of this job and go in depth on the details. For instance the arrangement of photo-props, set dressing and a timeframe. After the end result is crystal clear we update the production sheet. Everybody knows what they are tasked with. The next time we meet, will be “on set”.


Shoot, Review & Publish

On set all of our combined effort comes together. All team members can watch the incoming photo’s on a big screen to review their own work. Small adjustments and “photo picking” can be done on the fly. This saves a lot of time in postproduction therefore lowering the production costs. After retouching we publish your photos as we agreed to in the intake phase. This can be either digital or industry standard printed.

My Awesome Clients

It’s fun to be on set with my team and me. We work hard but also have great fun along the way. After each shoot I retouch your photos quickly so your project can move ahead. Read what others have to say about me!

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