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Erik Bos

Photographer & Creative mind

Who is that Photographer?

Hi, my name is Erik Bos. I am a photographer and a creative mind. For me it's important to tell a story with the images I create with my team. I strongly believe every brand or person has a story to tell. This is what I am good in, finding your story and telling it to the world.

My photography career started at my work as a mental healthcare professional. At the time we bought a DSLR camera for in company promotional work. It was that moment that sparked my love for photography.

Fast forward to the present. The way I communicate with my models and staff is greatly influenced by my work as a social worker. Getting everybody to ease up and committing to the end result comes natural to me.

Where does he draws his inspiration?

My inspiration comes from the great minds of this planet like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. Of course I also look at other photographers like Frank Doorhof, Jason Lanier, Derek Fahsbender, Nick Rains and Lindsey Adler. In reality the world itself inspires me. There is a saying: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. Or, if I am open to the world it will start inspiring me. The strangers that make conversation to me when I am waiting on my train. The art I see at my travels, the music in my playlist, the architecture I see around me. Who knows if you open up, it might do the same for you.

What kind of gear & equipment does Erik use?

At this moment I'm shooting a NikonD300s body with a batterygrip. I realy love the ergonomics of this camera as all importent functions have their own dedicated button. I use a wide varriaty of lenzes but my Nikkor 105mm F2.0 DeFocus Controle is by far my favorite

In the studio I am using Falcon Eyes 600ws studio strobes. They are equipped with Octaboxes, stripboxes, beatydishes and regular reflectors. Sometimes with grids, barndoors or colorgels. Outside I use also large reclectors and scrims to add or diffuse light. They are also from Falcon Eyes as they make great products for an affordable price. If I need just a bit of light or want to shoot wide open, my Rotolight videolights are the way to go. In most cases I am using a Sekonic Light Master Pro to measure my light. Especialy outdoors where I mix available light with flash to get the mood I want and protect my highlights from clipping.

Because I'am doing a lot of fashion and commercial work colors are verry importend. The colors of the fabric need to be exctly the same on the photo as in your hands. For instance, if your shopping for a stone-red t-shirt and the shop sends you a bordeaux or pink shirt in stead. To get the colors spot on, I use a X-Rite Color Checker Pasport.

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Name:Erik Bos

Birth Date:22, March 1981



Phone:+31 (0)6 5469 8906

Does he shoot natural Light or Flash?

In most cases I shoot flash. We have golden hour at sunrise and sunset. In between those two, most of the time the natural light is harsh and cast ugly shadows. Because I need more than just sunset- and sunrise hours to shoot, I am using two-by-two scrims or 600ws studiostrobes (flash). Occasionaly I tent to use videolights. For instance when shooting baby's or at places I don't want to disturb the scene.

What makes Erik proud?

Publications make me proud. If someone is putting my work in their online- or printed media they say someting like: "Your work is good enough to communicate to our audiance and we like the style in wich you communicate"

Does he have like a motto or tagline?

Actualy, I have two: "Communicating your story through photography" It is not just a tagline. It is the mission statementof Focus17Fotografie. On a more personal note: "Always stay sharp, in Focus!" meaning create oppertunitys, and keep your goals in sight. But it also means don't drop the ball.

What is on your wishlist

Way to manny,....A new body with a sensor that can handel low light really well and superb autofocus in low light situations. A faster wide angle and some new strobes I am leaning toward Elinchrom. Also a video set-up. So no hollidays, no nothing just hard work and persistence.

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I work with a lot of different people and enjoy this very much. Don’t hesitate to collaborate with me. Send me your idea or wishes. I’m sure we can plan a awesome shoot.

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